Home Packages

Below you will find information on our most popular Home Packages. The hourly rate is {$95}. Please review our Policies and Payment Methods, and contact Laura to customize a package to fit your needs and budget.


There is a 4 hour minimum per session

Lead Organizer {$95.00} per hour

Team Member {$75.00} per hour per person

Pre-Paid Package – One Organizer for 24hours {$2050}     (approx. 10% discount)


Working in teams is the most efficient way to accomplish your organizing goals. We highly recommended this approach as it improves the process and gets you faster results.  Call Laura to create a plan for you.

Hourly Sessions Include:

  • A walk through tour and assessment of organizing project(s)
  • Together we prioritize your project(s)
  • Before and After photos of the project
  • Homework suggestions

Is there a special event or a major life change in your near future? Events often require immediate, attention…call us to tailor a package to fit your needs. Special Packages that we’ve created for our clients include:

  • Organized by the Holidays
  • Organized by Moving Day
  • Organized by your Wedding Day