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Organized by Ellis Home Services



Sift through your stuff
Only keep what you need, use or love
Recycle what you can
Toss what you don’t need, use or love



Organize and group like things together
Rearrange your items into new places
Dedicate activity zone areas
Everything must have a home
Remember to leave space for new stuff



Understand where things go
Sort continuously
Even out: bring a new item in = let one go



Limitless time
Invest in you
Value your family & friends
Enjoy your new found freedom

Organized by Ellis Home Services

Reclaim your home and simplify your space! We clear clutter to create breathing room so you can live a more effective life.

We restore order to your life so can spend your time doing the things you love.

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  • Home Office planning
  • Garage Overhaul
  • Closet Clearing & Styling
  • Kitchen Organizing
  • Bedroom Revamp
  • Paper Taming
  • Conquering Clutter


Studies show 80% of the clutter in your home is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.

Your home should be a peaceful place that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Getting organized is a process that can change your life.  It’s not about just tossing out your stuff and buying a few containers; it’s an ongoing process that will bring you to new levels of joy.


  1. 30 minute phone consultation
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Tour your project
  4. Get to work
  5. Transform your space
  6. Follow up and maintain