Client Love

Laura was a life-saver when she organized my closet!  I was having a really hard time getting rid of anything, and she helped me realize that i didn’t need a lot of what was cluttering up my closet.  I slept better after working with Laura, knowing that there was less extra junk in my life!  Everyone should spend a few afternoons with Laura and see how much better their homes (and their lives) can be!Shelly
As a solo practitioner I had struggled with time balancing my schedule between handling the administrative side of my business and doing the things that get me business.  When I brought Laura in I immediately knew that there was someone I could rely on to organize and manage the administrative side of my business.  Laura is very knowledgeable and creative and most importantly sensitive to her client’s needs.  She made my office “a livable space,” a place where I could work much more efficiently because everything was in the right place and the space was organized to fit my work style.  Also, my office became a place I was proud to bring clients. And I realized how important it is that others can see that I keep a professional, well organized work space – which is a positive reflection on me.  Every day I find a new reason to be thankful that I brought Organized by Ellis into my business.Francis P.
Laura Ellis saved my sanity.  I’ve always thought I was very organized and able to handle almost any project until my recent move.  What was to be a 3-month house renovation, turned into a year and ran smack into our long-planned vacation. I didn’t want to come back to a house full of boxes, so I had them stored in the garage.  When we returned, I started unpacking and after a week of sorting and storing, I sat down in a heap of frustration.  I imagined myself entangled in this mess for another a year.

I called Laura and one week later, my house was completely organized!  All the boxes were emptied, and the contents assembled in logical places.  Items I didn’t need much access to were carefully stored and labeled.  I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew I could find everything I owned.  What a joy. As a bonus, Laura did a timed-delayed video and played it back at fast speed.  We watched it and laughed our socks off as boxes disappeared in seconds and the garage was transformed.Barbara D.